Top Ten Reasons

There must be a reason, why thousands of F1 H1B J1 L1 TN visa holders trust us with their tax preparation services.

1. YOU. We want you to have a Hassle Free Tax Filing and get Maximum Tax Savings.

2. Our Tax Insurance Service, provides IRS Audit support for the Tax Returns we prepare, if any IRS Audit is triggered on your Tax Returns in the Future. The Peace of Mind, you will never get, if you prepare returns on your own or with a Tax Software.

3. The Privacy of your documents is important to US. We have a strong Privacy Policy and processes to support the privacy of your documents..

4. Our FileRight for Greencard processing guarantee. What it means?

5. We work with you to get your returns at the earliest.

6. Our Tax Experts have several years of Tax Experience and filed thousands of returns for H1B, OPT, F1, H4, J1, L1, TN and Other Visas.

7. We are with you at every step of the Tax filing Process.You can get Excellent Support during the entire process using our eSupport.

8. We are not a Software program. You Consult with Our Experienced Tax Experts to get the right deductions and get maximum Tax Savings.

9. We concentrate only on the Tax Returns of H1B, OPT, F1, H4, J1, L1, TN and other Visa Holders. So we know the Visa Specific Tax Deductions,Tax Treaty laws to give you the Maximum Tax Savings.

10. Our affordable Tax Services (Silver,Gold and Platinum) at $85, $110 and $150. Think of it when you can save Thousands in Taxes when you file the right way.