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Kevin Jones

"I had filed my 2006 Taxes at HR block. They had made some mistakes with my NR Taxes and I had come to VisaTaxes.com for both my 2006 and 2007 Taxes. They seem more competent as it relates to Foreign Nationals Taxes, compared to big Tax chains like HR Block and Jackson Hewitt. If you are on Visas, I recommend using VisaTaxes.com for your Tax Preparation needs."

Sam Zhang

"I am a J1 Researcher working in a Cancer Research Institute in New York. www.visataxes.com explained us clearly about the United States - China Tax Treaty benefits, filed Form 1040NR for me and Tax ID Number ITIN for my wife in J2 visa. I have recommended www.visataxes.com to my friends and colleagues. I strong recommend their J1 visa tax services."

Vijay Singh

"I had worked in OPT in Florida, and in H1B in Texas and as a contractor received 1099 for two months. I got my taxes done the right way and got great Tax Savings by going with VisaTaxes.com. They understand the specific tax deductions and India-US Tax Treaty laws for students and professionals on Visas."

Karthik Aloha

"I worked in H1B visa, in three different states last year. I had my tax deductions and the specific tax deductions for the three states, taken care of, and got good tax savings by going with VisaTaxes.com"

Huan Zing

"I took an internship in F1 OPT, and going with VisaTaxes.com, helped me understand, that i need not pay for my Social security and medicare taxes on OPT,by filing Form 843.I also filed my NR Tax Forms 1040NR-EZ and Form 8843. Their forum is also very helpful, for visa holders in US,filing their Taxes.

Vishnu Nambiar

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Karthik Kumar

"I came with Infosys on an onsite in L1 for nine months, and I was able to file my Taxes right, and got a good refund, with VisaTaxes, Thanks a lot ."

James Rosenthal

"I am a Molecular Biology professor on J1 visa, from Germany and I got my J1 Visa Taxes done the right way with VisaTaxes.com. I did not know that being in the teaching profession, has different tax laws, and one can save a lot more money on taxes, than a professional working in a corporation. Thanks a lot."

John Benton

"I came here on a 3 month B visa, its a business visa, I was able to get the US Taxes done right with VisaTaxes.com. I am really happy that there is a boutique tax firm that caters exclusively to Visa Holders. Your services were really helpful."

John Overholt

"I am a Software engineer on Canadian TN visa, www.visataxes.com helped me with my Non Resident and Resident Tax returns, helped me understand double taxation, mileage and filed my US taxes the right way. For TN visa holders I would recommend www.visataxes.com over HR block and other large tax chains."