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File Form NJ-1040NR - Who must file a New Jersey Non Resident State Tax Form - Form NJ-1040NR ?

A person must file the New Jersey Non Resident Tax Form - FormNJ-1040NR if;

a) New Jersey was not your permanent home (a home maintained for temporary purposes) and you stayed in New Jersey for a substantial period.

b) If New Jersey was your permanent home, but you maintained a permanent home in another state, and did not live in New Jersey for more than 31 days in a year.

New Jersey Part Year Resident :

If you are a part year resident in New Jersey, then you should file both Form NJ-1040 (as a New Jersey Resident) and Form NJ-1040NR (as a New Jersey Non Resident)

Pennsylvania Residents:

As a Result of the Reciprocal Non Resident Treaty Agreement, between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, compensation paid to Pennsylvania Residents, employed in New Jersey, is not subjected to Pennsylvania Taxes.

Compensation means Salaries, Wages for the services rendered as an employee.

If the New Jersey Taxes was withheld in error, you can file Form NJ-165 (New Jersey Certificate of Non Residence)

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